Mar 04 2015

Fear Is The Mind Killer



Mar 04 2015

Is this life real or a simulation? – Matthew R Francis – Aeon

Our species is not going to last forever. One way or another, humanity will vanish from the Universe, but before it does, it might summon together sufficient computing power to emulate human experience, in all of its rich detail. Some philosophers and physicists have begun to wonder if we’re already there. Maybe we are in a computer simulation, and the reality we experience is just part of the program.

Modern computer technology is extremely sophisticated, and with the advent of quantum computing, it’s likely to become more so. With these more powerful machines, we’ll be able to perform large-scale simulations of more complex physical systems, including, possibly, complete living organisms, maybe even humans. But why stop there?Popular nowWhy the hidden internet can’t be a libertarian paradiseCan neuroscience give my brain the plasticity of a child’s?Is becoming a hermit the ultimate feminist statement?

The idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds. A pair of philosophers recently argued that if we accept the eventual complexity of computer hardware, it’s quite probable we’re already part of an ‘ancestor simulation’, a virtual recreation of humanity’s past. Meanwhile, a trio of nuclear physicists has proposed a way to test this hypothesis, based on the notion that every scientific programme makes simplifying assumptions. If we live in a simulation, the thinking goes, we might be able to use experiments to detect these assumptions.

via Is this life real or a simulation? – Matthew R Francis – Aeon.

Mar 04 2015

So Sick Of The Snow


Mar 03 2015

What scares the new atheists | John Gray | World news | The Guardian

Feb 28 2015

Advice: Don’t Fall For Someone Much More Desirable Than Yourself

Unrequited love or one-sided love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such. The beloved may or may not be aware of the admirer’s deep and strong romantic affections. The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines unrequited as “not reciprocated or returned in kind.”

Psychiatrist Eric Berne states in his book “Sex in Human Loving” that “Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.” Others, however, like the philosopher Nietzsche, considered that “indispensable…to the lover is his unrequited love, which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.”

Route to unrequited love

According to Dr. Baumeister What makes a man or woman desirable, of course, is a complex and highly personal mix of many qualities and traits. But falling for someone who is much more desirable than oneself, whether because of physical beauty or attributes like charm, intelligence, wit or status. Dr calls this kind of mismatch “prone to find their love unrequited. That such relationships are falling upward.

Unrequited love victims

The inability of the unrequited lover to express and fulfill emotional needs may lead to feelings such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and rapid mood swings between depression and euphoria.


‘There are two dark sides to unrequited love, but only one is made familiar by our culture’ – that of the lover, not the rejector. In fact, research suggests that the object of unrequited affection experiences a variety of negative emotions on a par with those of the suitor, including anxiety, frustration and guilt. As Freud long since pointed out, ‘when a woman sues for love, to reject and refuse is a distressing part for a man to play’, and vice versa.

via Unrequited love – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And of course, the result of unrequited love can also be found in a Wikipedia article.

Sadness is emotional pain associated with, or characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, helplessness and sorrow. An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic, and withdraw themselves from others. Crying is often an indication of sadness.

Sadness is one of the “six basic emotions” described by Paul Ekman, along with happiness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust.

via Sadness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Feb 28 2015

Activist Post: 14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke And Totally Unprepared For The Coming Economic Crisis

  • 1. According to a survey that was just released, 24 percent of all Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings.
  • 2. That same survey discovered that an additional 13 percent of all Americans do not have any credit card debt, but they do not have a single penny of emergency savings either.
  • 3. At this point, approximately 62 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • 4. Adults under the age of 35 in the United States currently have a savings rate of negative 2 percent.
  • 5. More than half of all students in U.S. public schools come from families that are poor enough to qualify for school lunch subsidies.
  • 6. A study that was conducted last year found that more than one out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections”.
  • 7. One survey discovered that 52 percent of all Americans really cannot even financially afford the homes that they are living in right now.
  • 8. According to research conducted by Atif Mian of Princeton University and Amir Sufi of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 40 percent of Americans could not come up with $2000 right now without borrowing it.
  • 9. That same study found that 60 percent of Americans could not say yes to the following question… Do you have 3 months emergency funds to cover expenses in case of sickness, job loss, economic downturn?
  • 10. A different study discovered that less than one out of every four Americans has enough money stored away to cover six months of expenses.
  • 11. Today, the average American household is carrying a grand total of 203,163 dollars of debt.
  • 12. It is estimated that less than 10 percent of the entire U.S. population owns any gold or silver for investment purposes.
  • 13. 48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies in their homes whatsoever.
  • 14. 53 percent of all Americans do not even have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.

via Activist Post: 14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke And Totally Unprepared For The Coming Economic Crisis.

Feb 28 2015

Thoughts on Bankruptcy by Voltaire – disinformation

Feb 27 2015

Inverted Totalitarianism: A New Way of Understanding How the U.S. Is Controlled – disinformation

Feb 27 2015

Islamic State’s Destruction of Museum & Library is Cultural & Ethnic Cleansing | Democracy Now!

Feb 27 2015

Greece Under German Pressure » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

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