Jul 03 2012

Most Depression Treatment Only Works For Idiots

From several classic studies, we know that moderately depressed people are, in a sense, more critically thinking than are non-depressed people. These studies show that depressed people are more accurate than are non-depressed people in both their assessment of control over events and in judging people’s attitudes toward them. … Critical thinking also creates a problem for depression treatment, as skepticism makes one stubbornly resistant to much of what helps others. Specifically, to the extent one has uncritical faith in a treatment, it is far more likely to be experienced as successful; but to the extent that one is more skeptical about the effectiveness of treatment, one is less likely to have expectations that it will be effective, and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. . . . . Critical thinkers are skeptics who have difficulty with belief based on faith, but depression treatments work to the extent that one has faith in them.  –Bruce Levine

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  1. Romans

    It’s true. There is a contradiction because people usually think that mind is the instrument for describing the reality. It’s not. The mind is instrument for CHANGING the reality. If one can’t change anything, then why does one need mind? By describing the reality, mind preserves reality in the current state – this is what experiments shows us. By believing in something desirable, mind changes the reality (using body) to the desirable state in which mind believes now. That’s why we need to believe in good things as they already are (NOT as they sometimes will be). Optimism, however, proved to be hazardous in experiments – one should believe that something already is, not that something will be. This is one of the main themes in A.Tarkovsky’s movie “Stalker”.

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