Jul 01 2011

One Reason Life On Earth is Hellish


Here is a story of the three strata of  humanity.

On the top strata, are the CEOs, monarchs, politicians. These humans make up perhaps .01% of humanity. I have never met any of these people, they occupy castles and live in the type of luxury that I, and my kind, can scarcely imagine. They get anything that want at a whim and millions of humans live and die for their fun. At some point, each of them makes a choice to oppress the rest of the species, in fact, most of them have been groomed for this kind of thing from birth. They are taught to look at the rest of their species as inferior to them. They are addicts of the arrogant and megalomaniacal feelings within themselves. Power junkies, forever jostling with one another, never feeling secure because they know that deep down everyone either hates and begrudges them or is jealous and wishes they were in that position. Their addiction to feelings of grandeur have made them into the worst kind of monster. These are the people that order the deaths of millions, the imprisonment of political dissidents, the forked tongued, cruel, hypocritical, heartless demons that rule over the dystopia Earth. They are so good at what they do, since they have been doing it since time immemorial, perhaps even since prehistory when the first one of them discovered that they could control the humans around them with the fear of punishment and/or ostracism. In the current age with technology as advanced as it has become, there is no escaping them. Their minions read your emails, listen to your phone calls, spy on you through social networks on the internet. There is no escape from them or the dystopia they own.

In the middle strata, are the many humans that oppress the humans beneath them for their masters. Some of them do this consciously, but most of them are clueless. They have been made ditsy and mindless by an education system that stifles free thought and encourages a conformist herd mentality. These middle strata folks fear being different so much that they will engage in all sorts of illogical behaviors until they forget the reasons for their behavior. They will buy things they don’t need, they will support causes that don’t benefit them and so forth. They make up an appreciable fraction of humanity, although the exact percentage varies from location to location. A “developed” nation is one where there are relatively more of these types of humans and a “third-world” nation has few of these. These humans enjoy more perks than the average human but even they are vastly less wealthy than their masters. These humans are “professionals”, they wear suits like their masters, and by “doing their job” they help maintain an abominable system that rapes the earth, oppresses people, stifles free thinking and promotes the worst instincts of people. I have met many of these folks. They don’t want for the necessities of life, and they don’t experience the pains that those beneath them feel. However, they are still unhappy because they strive constantly to be like the stratum above themselves. Sometimes a member of this stratum, your average hippy bullshit “activist”, has brief periods where their conscious bothers them, and think they are against the system. They perform ostentatious acts of “charity”, third-world tourism and join pointless NGOs that never have managed to change anything for the better, but ultimately they don’t want to lose their perks, disappoint their conservative and brainwashed parents, and will never be truly against the system. To truly be against the ideology of the global system, is to be an outcast, and few human beings have the courage for this. They are elitists in disguise, also junkies of megalomania, but they just receive smaller doses.

The bottom strata make up the bulk of humanity. These are the poor, and their lives are dreary and miserable. You won’t find these people living in fancy neighborhoods such as TriBeCa, Victoria Peak, Kensington Palace, Serangoon Gardens or Ekali. They often don’t have access to a quality education, so many wind up woefully ignorant. They suffer abuse constantly in their environment and so many wind up angry, bitter or insane. Others are blissful in their ignorance, never having known anything better. Instead of showing any compassion, the upper strata look down on them, feed and thrive on their suffering. The members of the bottom strata work long hours, in mind-numbing repetitive and often pointless jobs to create status products for the rest, or to keep their oppressive system running. They are subjected to the propaganda of the upper strata and even often grow to despise each other instead of banding together for their common good. Indeed, it is hopeless to be at the bottom stratum. To be at the bottom, is to worry about how you will find money to eat tomorrow. To be at the bottom, is to worry if your father or mother will be able to afford going to the doctor because he or she doesn’t have medical insurance. It means not having a future. It means having no opportunities above the minimum wage, if even that. It means being a nobody, a powerless observer in a world that is nothing but lies, misery and constant endless crippling competition. There is no compassion in this hellish dystopia. Homeless people die alone in the cold, while millionaires live in castles and pay an average person’s yearly wages for one-night dinner parties.

I haven’t seen anything get better in so long and this makes me depressed because I see that there is no kind of happy future for me. There is nothing I can do to escape these horrors around me. All around, cruel and predatory humans lie in wait to find an opportunity to harm me. Stories of tortures and crimes abound, and you can never know who to trust. For that is the nature of the world we have created. We have created a world where everyone looks for each other’s weakness so they can take advantage of them. That is capitalism. It is a brutal zero-sum game. Cooperation has become a word given connotations of foolishness by a misguided global culture. People are sacrificed for the sakes of the “free” markets. What do I have to look forward to? Nothing. Nothing at all. This is a horrible world, and we could change it, but few people care. They’d rather get high off the brief euphoric feelings they get when they are mean  or snobbish to each other.

I have tried so hard, and I can’t escape the pain inflicted upon me by humanity. I tried to pretend to go along with this terrible society and couldn’t do it. I could not pretend and be all smiley and happy for our masters. Meanwhile, most of the things I love have been destroyed or taken from me. I was never able to go to a good university and become a scientist like I wanted, because I wasn’t rich enough and had to sacrifice for my family. The natural beauty of my hometown was destroyed by forest-fires and overgrazing. Been betrayed so many times. Lost so much. Rich people could never understand these things. They always try to blame the poor for the suffering inflicted upon them by an unjust system. That is how they rationalize their cruelty. I don’t care they may mock me, but I know some people out there understand what I am saying. They and their idiot supporters among the poor, often have the same reaction to poor people describing their woes. They simply reply, “Stop whining!”, but they are the first to whine when they don’t get their way and this is my blog so I am going to express myself.

All I ever wanted was to go somewhere far away, into nature to escape these abominations. Since it seems the will doesn’t exist amongst the people to change the global situation for the better, I wish I could live close to nature, peacefully in a small community, and be free and far from the barbarisms of dystopia Earth but there is nowhere to go. There is no escape… …anywhere.

There is a Greek proverb,

Ο πολιτισμός ανθεί όταν οι άνθρωποι φυτεύουν δέντρα στη σκιά των οποίων δε θα καθήσουν ποτέ!

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Ask yourself, isn’t this true and can our selfish society ever be like this?


  1. kriss

    ”ό,τι φάμε, ό,τι πιούμε και ό,τι αρπάξει ο κώλος μας” is an other greek proverb that also fits.Translate that also if u like.

  2. John of toronto

    wow are you Greek too? love it!

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