Jul 05 2013

ClubOrlov: Communities that Abide—Part I

In thinking through where we are and what awaits us, there is a very basic, simple, obvious question we can ask: Does our society work for us or against us? The US, regarded as a single community, that is; does it still function as such? Does it provide safety, security, a sense of belonging, freedom from necessity and want, meaningful opportunities to care for others, and to be cared for in return? Or has it become a cold, savage, alienating place watched over by the ubiquitous surveillance state and held together by “law and order” and the implicit threat of violence?

Has it become a place where meaningful, satisfying work has become a rarity, and where a lifetime of servitude and workaday drudgery is coerced using the threat of marginalization and exclusion? Does it share our values, or does it willfully ignore them, squandering the taxes we pay on war toys that kill innocents, on enabling and subsidizing environmental destruction, on perpetuating an overbearing and intrusive police state in the name of security, and so on and so forth? And if that turns out to be the case, the next basic, simple, obvious question to ask is, What might we do about it? Lobby the government? Well, it’s not a particularly popular government: a 2011 Gallup poll determined that the US Congress is less popular than King George was in the colonial days. That same year Washington Post wrote that it is less popular than either communism or Nixon during the Watergate scandal. Public Policy Polling went even further; according to them, Congress is less popular than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen or Genghis Khan! –ClubOrlov: Communities that Abide—Part I.

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