Oct 07 2011

Fuck Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs Was An Asshole

Normally, I would not speak ill of the recently dead but all this gushing over this piece of shit human being has really disgusted me. Here are some examples of the gag inducing idiocy on the part of the masses that are devoted to this fucking asshole who certainly wouldn’t have given a shit if you, or I, died.

Apples and flowers and candles and notes littered the sidewalks in front of Apple stores around the world Thursday. In a rare show of emotion for an American CEO, the world reacted to the death Steve Jobs with an outpouring of devotion. –Washington Post

Even our idiot corporate-puppet president had his stupid say, he said,

Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.

Seriously? Changed the world? I’m sorry but making fucking cell phones and tablets for yuppies to show off to each other is not changing the world for the better, and it certainly isn’t a reason people should be mourning an asshole. His phones didn’t even have anything that groundbreaking about them, sure the UI was better, but its not like he discovered cold fusion people. Stop this bullshit. Even actual good people aren’t mourned like this when they die and they at least tried to help starving people or were doctors to people in Africa, or tried to help people in some other way. Instead, we don’t even know those people’s names, but we mourn an asshole who helped create the fucking iPhone, the most overrated piece of technology ever. This says a lot about our civilization and its messed up priorities. Steve Jobs, with his technological creepy marketing-created cult and the factories in China where slaves build the iPad and iPhone, only made the world worse, since humans become a bit more monstrous each time they exchange wholesome emotions for the empty worship of electronic gadgets.

To be honest, I am glad he is dead. It shows that while rich people have taken everything away from the poor; their hopes, their dreams, even their minds and their dignity, at least they still haven’t achieved immortality yet. They die just like us and for that I am glad. In the end, all the advanced medical technology and transplants of 3rd world children’s livers weren’t enough to fight off the great equalizer, death.

He wasn’t even a nice person, he was an arrogant, aggressive and temperamental jerk who just used people. He claimed to be a Buddhist, but there is nothing Buddhist about a greedy asshole who only cared about wealth and his own inflated ego. I think lots of people like him because he is epitomizes the values of our bullshit society. Our society which wants us all to just fawn over products, be bland people who love money, and, most importantly, not give a fuck about each other. He is like every bullshit asshole I meet in Manhattan, claiming to be part of some “counterculture” but in reality just being conformist money-grubbing egotistical pricks. Steve Jobs was what all the asshole hipsters and yuppies who worship him wanted to be, and that is both sad and horrifying. Changing the world indeed, changing it into something worse. Even his own once-illegitimate daughter lived on welfare for 2 years because he just didn’t give a fuck, he even denied paternity by claiming he was sterile.

He even fucked over the Woz, who is a much nicer person, on numerous occassions, one of which is,

Jobs noticed his friend Steve Wozniak—employee of Hewlett-Packard—was capable of producing designs with a small number of chips, and invited him to work on the hardware design with the prospect of splitting the $750 wage. Wozniak had no sketches and instead interpreted the game from its description. To save parts, he had “tricky little designs” difficult to understand for most engineers. Near the end of development, Wozniak considered moving the high score to the screen’s top, but Jobs claimed Bushnell wanted it at the bottom; Wozniak was unaware of any truth to his claims. The original deadline was met after Wozniak did not sleep for four days straight. In the end 50 chips were removed from Jobs’ original design. This equated to a US$5,000 bonus, which Jobs kept secret from Wozniak, instead only paying him $375.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Also, after resuming control of Apple in 1997, Jobs eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs. So don’t be fucking stupid and cry for Steve Jobs, he wouldn’t care about you. He didn’t care about anyone except himself and his ego. Fuck Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was an asshole.


Jobs, who was known for his prickly, stubborn personality, almost missed meeting President Obama in the fall of 2010 because he insisted that the president personally ask him for a meeting. Though his wife told him that Obama “was really psyched to meet with you,” Jobs insisted on the personal invitation, and the standoff lasted for five days. When he finally relented and they met at the Westin San Francisco Airport, Jobs was characteristically blunt. He seemed to have transformed from a liberal into a conservative. “You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States, where “regulations and unnecessary costs” make it difficult for them. Jobs also criticized America’s education system, saying it was “crippled by union work rules,” noted Isaacson. “Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform.” Jobs proposed allowing principals to hire and fire teachers based on merit, that schools stay open until 6 p.m. and that they be open 11 months a year. –Huffington Post


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  1. Josh

    It’s nice to finally read a little truth amongst all the bullshit that has been all over the internet these past couple weeks. The man was a greedy asshole and truly good and significant people don’t ever get as much attention as this. But what do you expect? America has whored itself out to consumer culture and the people will idolize whoever makes the newest and most popular piece of shit.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. A little truth is hard to come by these days.

    1. M

      Amen to that. As an Apple user I curse that drug addicts infantile name every time I have to reboot, re-install and start a project again for the millionth time because that scumbag was too lazy or stupid or both to TEST his products, to install fans, to have USERS give ideas, instead of relying on his acid head mind. I truly HOPE daily his cancer was exceedingly painful, as painful as the psychic pain I endure trying to edit, trying to get work done. My dad died of pancreatic cancer, so you know I am PISSED when I hope Steve Jobs died a painful death and resides in helll.

    2. Rey

      Jobs was a flinty, heartless, infantile asshole. Greedy. Among his many county actions: He fought for 20 years to tear down a beautiful, historically significant home. He finally won the case. NOTHING WAS EVER BUILT ON THE LOT.

      So sick of people deifying pieces of shit like Jobs, Bill Gates etc. They were not VISIONARIES.
      They were not PIONEERS. They were not GENIUSES. Just friendless, cutthroat little wimps who felt powerful by fucking over Humans. Look at the HARM computers have had on our (Former) society. Little simps wired into their devices. Most people do absolutely nothing of import on computers. Games, Apps. Mindless TV and videos, Great.

      1. Kumar

        I’m going to be an Electrical and Computer Engineering student and I agree with you. 90% of our population shouldn’t have liberal access to computers and TVs. These things have encouraged anti-social behavior and deviant lifestyles. Most media (movies, TV shows, etc.) are completely toxic. Once in a while, there might be a good hit (like the anime Monster, which actually had a plot that stimulated the mind). Virtual gaming has made many kids turn away from exercise and outdoor sports, contributiing greatly to the obesity epidemic. I would only allow any kids in the future to use these things under strict adult supervision and I would only allow them to own computers after they can prove that they have self-disclipine. Most adults don’t need anything more than a chromebook; it’s not like they’re going to be doing intense research on particle theory, nanotechnolgy, artificial intelligence, or something that would warrant the use of an advanced computer. Our depraved society focuses more on the flashy bullshit, like iPhones, rather than on life-changing innovation (such as artifical body parts, production of non-GMOs, robotic assistants for the poor elderly). To summarize: FUCK CONSUMERISM.

  2. Johnny Shipman

    Amen, glad to here the truth, although the cursing stinged a little. It was rather good to have someone write the truth about Steve Jobs. All this gushing about this man that overpriced everything he sold and sued everyone that made the product better. What a telling story of our current society which worships an egotistical money grubber that cares nothing about the real values of life.
    Ever wonder why IBM standard/windows computers are the mainstay and not Apple. Heck if apples hadn’t been given to schools you wouldn’t be seeing them anywhere now and no iphone, oh what a shame. Anyway don’t want to disrespect the dead to much, but lthe truth is the truth.

  3. John

    Holy moly! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. It’s nice to see someone else share’s some rational perspective on this man. Thank you for posting this!

    1. M

      ask anyone who gets the gray screen at the 95% mark of a completed project, and has to start all over again, because an acid head was too lazy to do thing right.

  4. Ronan

    Firstly, i really find it weird when someone gets extra polite if talking about someone dead. Would you say the same thing about Stalin? or Hitler? Then why the velvet gloves? Fuck him. Jobs is dead. So what! That doesn’t mean he gets concessions. He was who he was. If he needs to hated for his bad qualities, so be it. If there were any good qualities, then they will be praised. But you get all nice about someone JUST BECAUSE he is dead. Alright?

    Now, it is clear that he was a bitter person whose psych profile was typical of someone who has been abandoned and then given extra attention. He is not alone in this world. I personally know three people who are exactly like him and they are completely horrible to be with. They so super perceptive of other people’s thoughts and therefore manipulative, devilishly shrewd, and great with knowing what someone wants. What you call knowing what the customer wants is not any kind of genius. Stop calling it that. Its not an ‘ability’. It is just another instinctive manifestation of a people who are extremely insecure. If you are insecure you develop this mentality to play a psycho chess game. They become very ‘perceptive’. They can get into your head. He was a psychopath. All of them are like that. Trust me, the world dogged a big bullet with Jobs because if he didn’t stumble into creative things, he would have ended up being very creative about being destructive. He was not a genius. He was smart and ‘creative’ because he was disgustingly insecure about his environment and therefore always felt the need to push and control. He was not a ‘visionary’. That’s an insult to people who truly are.

    And by the way, Apple products are horrible.

  5. Robert Rathbun

    Finally an honest view of a man who has a freaking action figure… GOD WHY?. Did Steve do anything good? I cannot say, but I do know he created some weird iCult. Not so sure he deserves a pentagram on his head with evil eyes… Some respect for the dead dude, geez…

    Compared to Bill Gates, he was a worthless addition to society, but somehow he gets credit for what? Gates has and continues to contribute BILLIONS to education, what about Steve Jobs?

    His 1995 interview and the following article say much about the real man.


  6. jogy_s

    sterbe! dying !
    one day you will….

  7. RottenApple

    Yeah, Jobs was a cheap prick, and probably, if there is an Asshole of The Century Award, I would like to cast my vote. I’d actually like to stuff the ballot box. Totally true, he helped develop the Iphone, and Ipad, (or his engineers did) but he didn’t invent the Polio Vaccine, or a cure for lung cancer or even a Brita Water Filtration unit. He invented something we could have just as well done without. (And by the look of our society since the smartphone I think we’ve gone antisocial if anything), And what about the league of lemmings who really believe that using Photoshop on an Apple is actually different than using it on Windows Platform. BTW Apple Heads, your fearless leader stole the graphical interface when working with Bill Gates at Xerox (The “LISA” project, look it up). The story is, after he started integrating it into his Mac, Gates started using it with Windows 3. Jobs got in Gate’s face and accused him of stealing the interface from him (Jobs). Gates, not one to back down to anyone, stood face to face with him and said something like, “No Steve, I think it’s like this, we both had this rich uncle named Xerox and after he died, you snuck into his house to steal the TV, but you found out I got there first.” Jobs blinked.

    The vast majority of the world runs Windows based computers. Why? Maybe not because they’re better (although I believe they are, and I came from a computer background 10 years before IBM launched yes IBM was the was the worlds first mass produced portable desktop computer. Years before Steve Jobs was riding his 10 speed). But I digress. Why does the world overwhelminly run IBM based Windows computers? No not neccessarily because IBM’s are better than Apple products (I personally believe they are) no, it’s because Steve Jobs was a dickwad, I mean a tightwad who wouldn’t give anyone a break. So he locked himself out of that lucrative market. He was fired by the very company he built. What does that tell you?

    That’s the difference between those who support Apple and their anti-charity views, and their ‘holier than thou” attitude and claim that their computers which mostly are used by people who know nothing about ‘real’ computers. Gates gives millions (and with Warren Buffett) probably billions of dollars to forgotten children who desperately need a helping hand, who need vaccines and medicine, and the basic of all basic things. Gates and others dedicate their TIME not just money, and go to these places and personally hug these people and children and MAKE A DIFFERNCE. Steve Jobs? He wouldn’t piss on a kid if they were on fire and he had just downed a six pack of free beer. God forbid, he was the great and powerful Steve Jobs. Arrogant, and stubborn and driven only by an ego that was so big, the vastness of the universe couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) contain it.

    Richard Jeni, one of my favorite comedians, who died before Jobs had a great line in his act, “My mother was Italian, my father was German, whenever they’d go to a funeral, my mother would jump onto the casket and say, ‘Take-a-me’. My father would look down at the casket and say, “Ok, he’s dead, let’s go.” My feelings of Steve Job exactly.

    Job’s attitude killed him. He refused to get treatment when he should have believing he was able to do anything. What? No ‘app’ for that?

    One of the lessons we all know is about ‘giving back’ You give back, you ‘pay forward’ for what you received yourself. It’s only right. The world has way too many Steve Jobs in it already. People who could care less about helping anyone out except themselves and maybe their selfish families. But the best part is, someday, we all die, and whether you want to believe in an afterlife, or a god, or reincarnation, my belief is payback is gunna find you. And it’s forever Apple Mofo’s. I’d rather support the good guys anyday, and not the greedy people who’ve shipped our jobs and futures overseas and robbed our children of their future and security. Apple could make a difference and it sounds like their new CEO is trying to do this, and even if it’s PR based, or PC, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

    Jobs wasn’t a genius. He wasn’t Thomas Edison, or Nikola Tesla (who died penniless in a hotel room in NYC), he wasn’t Jonus Salk, or Madame Curie. He was a man who’s contributions mainly helped himself become filthy rich and one of the worst excuses for a human being I think we could find. He should not be immortilized, he should be studied by school kids to show what absolute power can do. He should not be praised alongside real hero’s and heroines, who gave blood and tears and who gave their last pennies to help others.

    J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series was recently taken off the Forbes Billionairs list. She was dropped because she is no longer a billionaire. She gave away so much money she is not qualified to be on the list anymore. That’s the essense of putting your mouth where your money is. Bravo. She’s now on my list of hero’s and heroines. Jobs isn’t even on the radar. As a war vet, I wouldn’t want to have had to trust a guy like Jobs in a foxhole, he’s the type that would do anything to save his ass and that means he’d sell yours in a blink.

    Do I hate Steve Jobs? Well, he’s dead and that’s good enough for me. He did develop a road map for us all. Just do the opposite of most of what he did, and you’ll be ok.

    1. Detzel Ritter

      Fuckin’ A, well told.

      I admit I’m a bit late to this party but I stumbled upon this article when I googled “Fuck Steve Jobs.”

      The thing is, the culture of apple trancsnds Jobs and his bullshit. They will continue to steal from their competitors, sue the very same competitors, and sell garbage to mindless dipshits around the globe in droves. I read the other day they are predicted to be the first company in human history to be worth 1 trillion USD. That is an epic monument to the stupidity of this species.

      True techniclally competent people don’t use apple products. I mean folks who really know their shit, not these hipster psudo “tekkies” who figured out how to “jail break” their fucking iphonies. Despite what many uninformed consumers think, Apple has never really innovated anything. They have taken existing technology, slapped their dopey logo on it, made it shiny and overpriced it.

      On the other hand Apple does make fabulous products for people who need to be told what to do and how to think, they clearly appeal to the most trendy amongst the sheeple, and they’ve taken the American art of frivolous lawsuits to a stunning new level.

      Apple products are the Paris Hilton of the tech industry. Holding far more wealth than true worth, Fawned over by mindless morons, good at absolutely nothing, very shiny, and not even useful for pornography.

  8. John of toronto

    Diogenes you sir, ROCK. Jobs was a piece of subhuman garbage and I hope he is roasting in a large lake of fire. He stole from others and felt no guilt, he denied his own blood relation and only when he was later forced to acknowledge that she was his kid did he admit it, he abused his employees and the great WOZ (who unlike Jobs, is a great guy), and he set up devices that run on apps you have to buy for each thing you want to d0–Im surprised he didnt have an app to wipe the ass with. And the drones , my God,, the happy little idiot drones that would buy his crap and walk around town with it. Ill stick to my NON apple tablets thankyou that run on windows environment. Fuck you steve jobs you piece of garbage.

  9. D bentley

    Sadly, as a old person I can only use a mac, but even more sad is I can not afford to update because of Steve Jobs prices!!I can only afford a new mac every six yrs or so??Sad in computer life!! Did he care, NO!! He was an arrogant asshole who gave no money away Like Microsoft, but I could never work his computer Microsoft!! ! But Steve gave no money to anyone and never paid dvidends! He kept ever PENNY now his wife and kids can be RICH!!!!!! NASTY human!! Good he’s dead!! Wife can shop to DEATH!! IF you are there Steve JOB’s wife, tell us about your rich, cheap, no charity ever!! What a guy Mrs, JOBS, I bet that name does you well in Seattle, not so much in middle America! My mac is cutting in and out, it is only three yrs old, it is as slow as a cumcumber!! GO steve jobs, cheap asshole!! As I can not afford another computer of yours for three more yrs!! WHAT does his stupid wife say??? OH, I’m rich??

  10. John

    Thank you for speaking the truth about Steve “I have no soul, truly” Jobs. It’s so sad to watch people publicly mourn someone who clearly never gave a shit about anyone but himself and his company. And after I read what he had done to his former girlfriend and daughter it left me with one opinion…he was an asshole to the core of his being. At least we can thank cancer for removing one of the truly heartless from the human race. Fuck you, Steve. Brilliant minds should never be wasted on assholes.

  11. Eric - Toronto

    well said.

  12. GS

    I think the little i in the iPod/iPhone/iOS comes from his little dick (He just claimed he was sterile). It was this “holier than thou” dick that he kept on top of his head, making him the real dickhead!

  13. Ken M

    Steve Jobs innovated, yes. He brought some interesting technologies to the market which simplified the user experience and therefore its usefulness to the average consumer. He wanted end to end systems to work flawlessly with each other like iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac and most recently iCloud. The problem with this approach is that someone, other than the user, is determining what content he or she can have access to. It’s a closed system. This is socialism, plain and simple. The elites will determine what should or shouldn’t be seen or heard by the masses. This is counter to what the constitution and the Founding Fathers had in mind in the US. Make no mistake, Steve Jobs was an asshole by his own admission and in our way of life has every right to be. He also had the right to having things his way with his company. The question is, does he have the right to judge what is defamatory or inappropriate for you and I to view? The answer is “Hell no.”

    1. Anonymous

      Job’s didn’t innovate anything, it was the engineers who work for him. Oh, and all the people he stole from.

      1. Villico Delirante

        His engineers didn’t innovate much either.

        A 2012 Apple computer is not that different from any high end Unix Workstation from the 80s (or more appropriately maybe some SGI machine from the 90s).

        Apple makes really nice products, but that’s not innovation, it’s glorified craftmanship at best (still, I’d take that over Windows Vista).

  14. a Sphinx

    Thank u so much, now I fly grasp why I hated the bastered. Instinct.

  15. Villico Delirante

    Seriously, this is gold.

  16. Scott

    I honestly didnt know anything about Steve Jobs until I watched a documentary on him on PBS. He was NOT a nice guy and had very few redeeming qualities worth being so proclaimed about around the world (other than the fact he’s made communication even more impersonal – if that’s possible). And I HATE movies that feature an Apple laptop. Soooo cliche….

    1. Mark

      You hate movies that feature an apple laptop? So a good story is trumped by the choice of computer they decide to use? That is pure contempt right there, does it feel good to stomp on a dead man’s grave?

      [Editor’s Comment]: I thought nice guys finish last, and yet I am supposed to respect the grave of a person who wasn’t nice to anyone? Steve Jobs actually harmed society by further making hubris and arrogance into ideals for capitalist people like you. People like you seem to think that being a bad person is ok, as long as the bad person is successful. But that is wrong, it is ultimately never beneficial to humanity to be a bad person. When we idolize people who were cruel we propogate the message in society that being a heartless person is alright as long as it provides economic benefits. This is wrong and directly responsible for a planet filled with poverty, misery and despair. It seems that you want me to be nice but only to the successful assholes that you idolize. I’ll respect the graves of people like Steve Jobs, when they respect me and the billions of poor people like me.

      1. Anonymous

        I think it would feel great to stomp on his grave! In fact, I think they should dig him back up and have a second funeral celebrating what an asshole he really was, with slayer as the main band…I could go on forever

  17. Mark

    You guys are funny, to deny all the innovation Steve Jobs and Apple AND PIXAR (under STEVE JOBS) is sheer ignorance. Maybe you should throw out your goggle android because without Apple it wouldn’t exist. Since when does “Being a nice guy” mean anything in the business world or the creation of products? He pushed his engineers and design team to achieve great things. He made enemies and best friends in doing so.

    IPOD (changed the music industry completely)
    IPAD: FIRST tablet computer and paved the way for current tablets
    IPHONE: Dethroned the blackberry and pushed the smart phone to new levels.
    PIXAR: Dethroned Disney as the best animation studio in the world.

    Of course he didn’t change the tech industry alone, it was a team effort, but he led the way and the media isn’t interested in mid level engineers, they’re interested in the guy who addresses them…Steve. Read his biography, despite his flaws it’s also what amounted to great things.

    In closing, nice guys finish last…not only applies to WOMEN, but it applies to business as well.

    [Editor’s Comment]: It is exactly this kind of mentality that is leading to the destruction of our planet and civilization. I’d rather have a decent society to live in rather than a bunch of gadgets that an asshole made popular. I will reiterate, I am glad Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs and Apple accelerated a trend toward removing computing freedoms at a faster rate than even Microsoft ever did. Apple tries to lock you into their shitty company all the time. The iPod is a shitty gimmick, it forces you to use iTunes to transfer music to it. Other mp3 players allowed drag and drop transfer of music files. The iPad was not the first tablet computer, just the first one to be popular. The iPhone sucks and I could give two shits about Pixar. Steve Jobs was a cult leader, and you and many others are in that cult. Finally, one day, every rich person alive today living in arrogance and enjoying their powertrip will die, of natural causes or not, just like Steve Jobs and that is comforting to me.

    1. MarkisaCretin

      iPad wasn’t the first tablet computer… And you talk of “sheer ignorance”?

      BTW, nice guys finishing last is being a “nice guy” as a false facade of what they really want. aka a hidden agenda. But Steve Jobs was an asshole, spewed his shit everywhere; was himself essentially. But you should know, all that technology was taken from other places, Apple is simply a collaboration of ideas. Which are then patented to be their own. Not innovating, RESTRICTING innovation. How the fuck are you supposed to come up with anything when all the new, linking ideas are all patented. You’d have to reinvent the fucking wheel. But you’d be happy with sucking this guy off while he shits all over you right? Because money as you put it.

      It is a shame you don’t know what real success is.

      The guy knew how to market shit, that’s the bottom line. He also knew how to steal.

    2. Peter

      There were mp3 players before iPod.
      There were tablets before iPad.
      There were smartphones before iPhone.

      See a pattern here at all ?
      Got any more ‘innovations’ you would like to mention ?

  18. Joey Norton

    Agree with most everything said on this page. I have been looking for material like this all day following the Samsung loss to Apple. I would not buy an Apple product even if it were the only product available on earth. What was said up above about the closed system of Apple I find particularly concerning. I work for a gov agency and we were recently rolled out with these fucking I-PHONES, and surrendered our reliable and tough Blackberries.

    I have both phone types now, Android and ios and I find the flexibility and connectibility of the Droid to be eons better that this funky ass iPhone. Totally differnt systems as well, and I would love to testify that these sipping are differnt products, Android being the superior.

    So maybe Apple puts all other companies and platforms out, then Apple can be mercilously split under antitrust rules.

    Lastly, let me join in saying I hope Steve Scumbag Jobs is in hell tossing Ann Rynds salad, who in turn is being teabagged by dahmer.

    1. Anonymous

      Steve jobs. Innovator of the modern day devil!

  19. Mitchell

    Amen Brother, thanks for having the guts to tell the truth! Really who gives a shit about osx or android! An asshole is an asshole and it is sad how people will idolize and defend such soul less, shallow, greedy, self righteous bastards!

  20. Ian Hare

    Amen to you all. Just look how Apple shares have gone up after judgment. Shareholders in for the money not principle of the matter. Apple cannot stand competition & innovation only on their terms. I used to use ipod touch but never again. Hope my SGS 3 is safe!

  21. Kerby

    I bet he’s not even dead. He just faked his own death to finally make him self a legend and jerk of to all the shit about his death. I don’t know. But he cannot escape the great equalizer like you stated so nice. Fuck this guy and why should I respect someone dead if i didnt respect him alive.

  22. Israel Hechem

    Thank the world he will not be around us anymore.
    I was feeling so lonely.
    Now i know i am no the only one thinking this way.

  23. Josh Burstyn

    Hear, hear!

    Steve Jobs was indeed a piece of shit. I’m glad he is dead. One less asshole.

  24. Branon

    I was presently surprised to see the same sentiment, he did nothing to help the common man. Who cares in the end how successful in business he was. He wasn’t a good person. Do not believe in god, but feel people, especially those with wealth and prosperity should do all they can to pay it forward. Everyone was inspired or aided by someone else.

  25. Frank

    This is the most insightful commentary I have read on the existence of mr. jobs. And the following excerpt one of the more insightful comments on our time:
    “Seriously? Changed the world? I’m sorry but making fucking cell phones and tablets for yuppies to show off to each other is not changing the world for the better, and it certainly isn’t a reason people should be mourning an asshole. His phones didn’t even have anything that groundbreaking about them, sure the UI was better, but its not like he discovered cold fusion people. Stop this bullshit. Even actual good people aren’t mourned like this when they die and they at least tried to help starving people or were doctors to people in Africa, or tried to help people in some other way. Instead, we don’t even know those people’s names, but we mourn an asshole who helped create the fucking iPhone, the most overrated piece of technology ever. This says a lot about our civilization and its messed up priorities. Steve Jobs, with his technological creepy marketing-created cult and the factories in China where slaves build the iPad and iPhone, only made the world worse, since humans become a bit more monstrous each time they exchange wholesome emotions for the empty worship of electronic gadgets.”
    Very well said, indeed.

  26. David Hovgaard

    They’re just products. If we really want to make this a better world then we need to stop living for what we own and start forcing the corporate greed heads like Jobs to share the profit they make off other peoples labor with the people that actually do the work. Just imagine what this world would be like if Apples or HP’s workers in china could actually buy the products they make without selling internal organs to get them. We stand at the crossroads will we decide to solve our problems or continue to allow a small percentage of human beings to benefit while the rest of the world starves. but mainly we have to stop lonizing fucks like Jobs.

  27. Knifey KEith

    Truth if I’ve ever seen it. Pack of fuckin hipster, yuppie douchebag cunts who fund these pretentious faggots. We’re now living in the age where the logical battle of expensive quality VS cheap quantity is no longer a viable. Now the third edge of the sword has been introduced- Expensive crap that is profitable and marketable purely because it’s trendy. This element has always existed throughout history to some degree, but not to the scale that exists in our life time.

    I mean this shit is more ridiculous (Not fuckin ridonkulous!) than the value of gold. Image, popularity and fashion have made these exorbitantly priced and inarguably over priced products not only a common option… But like early on in Coca Cola’s in comparison with competing brands… The ONLY choice.

    Honestly I found Windows to be a fine series of software, till they were goaded into senseless efforts to compete with crApple. Sure Microsoft Software is more vulnerable to viruses… But thats a result of it’s usage and popularity, Apple has spend such a long time as 3rd rate product that few have bothered to create or expose viruses to Macintosh.

    Soon that WILL change rapidly. Fuck Steve Jobs, fuck Apple.

  28. samsung

    Fuck Jobs!

  29. Kunal

    Author Malcolm Gladwdell recently spoke at the Toronto Public Library and made some interesting observations about our entrepreneurial culture. A good overview of this can be found over at Business Insider.

    The basis of his argument was that humanitarians like Bill Gates will be remembered 50 years from now and there will be statues of him all over the third world. On the other hand, people won’t even remember what Microsoft was and entrepreneurs likes Steve Jobs will have faded from memory.

    So why aren’t entrepreneurs like Jobs worthy of idolization? Gladwell says, “The greatest entrepreneurs are amoral. It’s not that they are immoral, it’s that they are amoral. They are completely single-minded and obsessively focused on the health of their enterprise. That’s what makes them good at building businesses, but that’s what also makes them people who are not worthy of this level of hagiography.”

  30. Aurora

    I’m just glad some people share the same opinion as me, i knew these stuff about him before, but your ones were more detailed.

  31. Gary

    This guy was such an asshole, I really don’t understand why people were crying and mourning him. The difference between these huge corporation owners 100 years ago vs today is back then the people knew they were fucking them and were assholes. Today they are glowing pieces of gold people worship these snobby rich jerks who wouldn’t give a fuck about them at all if they died. It’s downright terrible!

    This guy was so great that the company in China that does slave labor to build his cheap knockoff products installed suicide nets to catch the people from jumping out the windows trying to kill themselves cause the work conditions are so horrible at the jobs. Wow what a great role model for society. I cannot believe they are making a movie about this asshole and worshiping him. Go ask all those Chinese slave workers in the Apple factories overseas how they feel about him.

  32. Anonymous

    love this.

    f*ck Jobs

    so glad i don’t have to hear about this guy or his iCRAP any longer.

  33. lucifer

    It is too bad steve jobs was not brutally tortured to death and his corpse mutilated beyond recognition and all documents about him destroyed to make sure he is mot remembered past this sick disgusting generation of vermin humans. hitler was ten times the man that steve jobs was.

  34. Todd

    And for a self proclaimed intellectual giant, he died much earlier than he had to – because of superstitious idiocy:


  35. Steve Jobs

    I disagree with this article.

  36. Scott

    It’s so very refreshing to see that I’m not the only one who hates this former caricature of a human being. The fawning over the death of a piece of shit made me sick the whole while it was going on. It truly does show what a sick society we live in. And the anecdotes provided here barely scratch the surface of why Jobs was a total piece of shit. Jobs makes Gates look like a goddamned hero by comparison.

  37. Joe

    He was a real asshole and I’m wondering if is trying to sell an Apple computer in hell lol

  38. Fridgemusa

    Steve Jobs didn’t invent anything! The only thing he was good at was turning technology into a religion! Apple was so much like a religion that once you pay your money and join the church of Apple they own you and you have to abide by Apple’s proprietry rules just like most religions! Getting an Android phone was like experiencing freedom for the first time in a long time, like someone getting out of jail on parole! I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted and I’m now free to do what I want with my device without the fear of persecution! Apple is clearly a religion and I’m so fucking glad I’m an Atheist!!!

  39. Jim Lindsay

    Steve Jobs = CUNT

  40. Jonny

    You sir just gave me a bit of hope for humanity.

  41. chastity

    Very good article.

  42. Anonymous

    Fuck Steve Jobs right in his rotting ass.

  43. John

    Well done! Very well done! This world is full of sheep, and Steve Jobs was the biggest asshole ever to take advantage of people to lazy to figure anything out for themselves. The only thing that will always be true about Jobs is that he was and still is a CUNT and he’ll always be a CUNT. Fuck you Jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anon

    Glad this guy is gone. I refused to touch apple products for years because of this asshole. I remember someone in highschool arguing with me about this. I think his exact words were “if you could aford a mac you would buy one.” How did i respond ? By building a hackintosh (thats a regular computer with a ripped copy of osx on it) and sent him a picture of my brand new fully functional osx based computer that i got for less that a quarter of the price of his mac. Now the only apple product that i own is an ipod touch my girlfriend bought me for christmas, which i have removed the apple logo from and am currently looking for a way to wipe it and put android on it. The only credit i give apple is that their mobile devices are well built. I like that the ipod is metal and not plastic and creaky. Im glad jobs is dead, i really hope apple goes in a better direction . Maybe one day they will actually produce products ill want to purhase , but i doubt it.

    Self built computer with linux os master race.

    1. The Vagrant

      Congratulations on making your own computer! I myself have a Toshiba laptop that I’ve had for over three years and is still nearly as fast as the day it was bought! Personally I don’t really like osx, but you gave me an idea of what I could do with my iPod, as I find its incompatibility with anything but iTunes incredibly aggravating and crippling. Thanks. 🙂

  45. Jean Claude v d

    No one says anything good about him.
    Actually I know his type too.
    You can see it in the way he walks and holds his head while
    scratching the stubble in a way that says “how can I fuck him over”?

    Millions of people wondering what kind of asshole builds tech devices that have a built in expiry date?
    Devices with codes that are later denied them to make them obsolete while all the time, an update could make them last?
    After all, you can now pay 900$ freaking dollars for an iPhone, why would you be mad when it is obsolete in only two years?
    iTunes is an idiot program as well.
    Did you know apples first computer cost 666 dollars?
    So why not use a devilish pic of jobs?

    Ever go to a cafe and be ruffled by apple snobs using their 5 grand laptop while they demean the poor waitress and other staff?
    If you sit near them cuz there’s no other seats they look at you like how dare you!?

    They worship the apple product not people.
    The men gaze and caress their apple like it was a giant penis capable of satisfying them and making their world a nice place.
    Meanwhile,it just proved te opposite by infusing( yes, infusing)them with child like hatred of their fellow man. Child like indeed.
    Watch a spoiled kid go tantrum and you’ll know what I mean.
    I despise violence but kids/ people like that NEED a good harsh spanking and not the good type.
    Why I point all this out is because they are Mimicking jobs .
    Also, in concert with google, they are mapping and taking pics of the entire world without people consent.
    The worth if that will be shown when military easily targets ONE home or millions and, do you know what the actual footage shows?
    Where is it kept? What ISN’T deleted or obscured?

    It’s bad news I can assure you because VERY FEW companies : people have your best interest in mind.

    Here’s and example.
    A man named Silverstein bought the World Trade Center 2 months before it went down.
    He insured it before hand with the stipulation that it be covered in case “it was DESTROYED”.
    Why would anyone use that word? Destroyed?
    He must have known something.
    After all, he is a business man like jobs.

    His gain? He paid 14 million for it. Insurance paid him billions!
    Silverstein owns many properties in New York.
    Apparently if he wants you out because he has plans for the building, he will kill you to get you out.
    Coincidently,the government used or as a great reason to shout terrorist and go to war for oil.

    So you see? Mr jobs and google likely shares your info to whoever will buy it including other war minded counties.

    The iPhone is good but its not worth it all.

    Q) did jobs get cancer thru his own genes, artificial foods or did someone he piss off arrange it?

    I have vintage audio equipment from 1970 that still works perfectly.
    How’s your apple product doing?
    How’s your peace of mind about your private info

    Where DOES that note or photo go when I make it or delete it while connected to the net?

    Oh yeah, to the porn sites at least.its a trillion dollar industry.
    More money than apple?

  46. Jean Claude v d

    The pic of jobs thoughtfully rubbing his chin…
    If man/ carnivore looked at me like that, I would know what he’s thinking or at least, be totally on guard.

    But imsurprised he was so egotistical and stupid to assume a pose like that.
    It’s dumb also, it shows his competition he is planning something .
    Wrong. 🙂

    Oh well, how smart could he have been?
    Thousands of engineers did the work for him.

    No one ever mentions them.
    Average exploited people feeding their families.

  47. UkPowerful

    GLAD HE WENT6 FEET UNDER!!! Fuck your for ever Steve Jobs!!!!

  48. Dora

    Stupid jealous assholes. Calling him and awful human being just to flatter yourself is disgusting. What kind of human being are you by being happy someone is dead? Honestly stop trying yo flatter yourself because you are no better than him then. For those blaming him for the high prices learn that quality cost and instead of complaining of how you can’t afford a new apple product you ate acting just like the new generation you criticize. Lastly if you can’t afford an apple product then why don’t you buy something off of Bill Gates? no one is forcing you to buy off of apple,

    1. Diogenes of Sinope

      Sometimes being happy when people are dead isn’t so wrong. No one faulted people for being happy after Hitler was dead. Now Steve Jobs wasn’t as bad as Hitler of course, but his influence on the world of computers was pretty bad. His use of extremely closed platforms promoted other companies to also do the same.

      Also, It isn’t that the people commenting here are upset because they can’t afford his products. It is that his products are overpriced and people only buy them because they are advertised so aggressively and fawned over by a media subserviant to the interests of Apple. In fact, Apple products are terrible. Richard Stallman put it best, here is his list of reasons not to buy overpriced Apple products.

      Apple iThings pioneered a new level of restricting the users: they were the first general purpose computers to impose censorship over what programs the user can install. Apple practices Digital Restrictions Management in many other ways too.

      Apple exploits the app developers mercilessly, aside from a few stars whose role is to give a misleading impression of what developers can expect.

      I can’t sympathize much with those app developers, since they are making proprietary software. They all deserve to fail. However, that doesn’t excuse the way Apple treats them.

      Apple lures people into the business of developing apps with visions of the great wealth that a few of them get. Most just fail, often losing a substantial investment.

      Anyone who intentionally develops proprietary software (i.e., does not respect users’ freedom) deserves no sympathy, but that doesn’t excuse Apple for luring people into it. Some of them would not have tried to develop proprietary software if not for Apple.
      Apple is a major patent aggressor. Here’s a rather absurd patent that Apple will surely use against other mobile computers. This joins many other patents which Apple is already using to attack free software.

      Ebooks with DRM won’t work on an iThing that is jailbroken, due to intentional sabotage by Apple.
      E-books with digital handcuffs are products designed to attack your freedom, much like the iThing itself.
      Apple practices censorship. Here are a few examples.

      Apple appears to be censoring all bitcoin apps for iThings.

      It should be illegal to make or distribute computers which are platforms for censorship.

      Apple demonstrates the arbitrariness of its censorship by blocking an app that tells people with text messages when US drone attacks kill civilians.

      The author said that this app was meant to raise awareness. I hope Apple’s censorship of it raises awareness.
      Apple censors information about abortion providers.
      Apple’s mail service silently censors the mail people send.
      Apple deauthorized a Wikileaks access application, using censorship to support censorship.

      Apple censors iTunes ebooks — banning all mention of Amazon.

      People should not do business with Amazon, which mistreats authors, publishers, its workers, and its customers. Ms Lisle’s presupposition that the goal of success is all that matters is not admirable.

      However, that doesn’t justify Apple’s censorship.

      Of course, publishing in iTunes was already bad for other reasons, such as DRM, and requiring users to use nonfree software.
      Apple banned from iTunes the erotic novel, The Proof of the Honey, saying it was because of the cover.

      Apple censored a game for the iThings called Angry Syrians, which is a political parody of Angry Birds.
      Apple said it was “defamatory or offensive” — to the dictator Assad, apparently.

      Repeated acts of censorship are not the only reason to condemn iTunes. We should refuse to buy from iTunes because it requires nonfree software, imposes licenses more restrictive than copyright law, and often imposes DRM.
      Apple spies on its users, and helps others spy on them.

      If you carry a cell phone, it tells Big Brother where you are. Apple wants to hand out the information too.

      Using the lever of “You have a choice, but unless you say yes, your old activities will stop working” is something that Apple has done before, with malicious “upgrades”. Apple ostensibly doesn’t force people to accept the new nasty thing; it just punishes them if they don’t.

      Apple left a security hole in iTunes unfixed for 3 years after being informed about the problem. During that time, governments used that security hole to invade people’s computers.
      Apple persists in disregarding the widespread blatant abuse of the workers that build its products.
      Apple uses sweatshops in China to build its products.
      Sweatshops are good for Foxconn (and for Apple), but not for workers.
      An undercover journalist reports on the horrible conditions in the Foxconn factory that makes iThings: still horrible in 2012.
      Foxconn closed schools and forced the students to work building iThings.
      Working conditions at Apple’s other Chinese suppliers are even worse than in Foxconn.
      Today’s Apple Pegatron sweatshops are even nastier than the Foxconn sweatshops it used before.

      Just because you’re not pregnant, should that make it ok to require you to work 11 hours a day, 6 days a week? Apple is culpable if its products are made by people working a longer workweek than is allowed in the US.

      Apple turns a blind eye to environment in China.

      Although Apple has joined EPEAT again, it does not cover the iThings — only the Macintosh.
      Apple practices planned obsolescence for the iBad — in just two years.

      Apple pioneered techniques for avoiding the US corporate tax (even though it is far too low) in order to pay next to no tax.
      The loopholes that Apple uses would be closed, if not for the political power of business. “Free trade” treaties give business increased power to block such changes, so we must abolish them to break business’s power.

      Apple store staff are taught twisted psychological manipulation.
      The mere practice of referring to service staff as “geniuses” is dishonest already.

  49. iscum

    steve jobs = cunt

  50. liz

    so late for this comments but hey thanks for the information this man was not a model to follow

  51. Dustin

    Steve Jobs = Dick Prick Cunt Piece of Shit for a human

  52. Monroe

    Steve Jobs was a poser. He acted like an asshole because he thought that was how smart or talented people acted not because he was either smart or talented.

  53. Alan Richmond

    The person to really remember is Alan Turing. He is to computers what Isaac Newton is to physics. Steve Jobs was a highly successful businessman who pretended to be counter culture when he was not, who pretended to be an inventor when he was not. I admire Tim Cook for recently commenting when asked if Apple had lost it’s inventive streak. His answer was basically that Apple never invented anything fundamental. What they did was take fundamental inventions done by other people and make them user friendly and pretty to look at. He pointed out they did not invent the desk top computer, the MP3 player, the smart phone, or the tablet. They just produced very commercially successful ones. A definite skill but not genius. Alan Turing is the genius.

    In time, as far as computers go, Steve Jobs will be remembered as a 1 and Alan Turing as 1,000,000. Turing just never started a company and relentlessly self promoted himself using manipulative advertising techniques.

  54. m h

    Man, I love you all. I felt like I was out of the loop because so many brainwashed ninnies worship the childish, impudent, carrot juice drinking/acid head that is Steve fucktard Jobs. 1. Way back in 1989, using the small Mac I noticed it LACKED fans, it LACKED a hard drive or way to save information…and no floppies are a way to assure disappointment. My screenplays were all lost thanks to this dunderheads refusal to be practical. 2. Having a Dad that died of Pancreatic cancer (thanks to 2 packs a day of unfiltered cigs, lots of rum and obesity-I feel ZERO sympathy that fucktard Stever Cry-like a -Child jobs died as he did. His goal apparently was to morph society into a bunch of mouth breathing vidiots with zero attention span and no social skills. Thats a shitty goal. On my bucket list is to visit his grave and take a dump on it. I mean, what kind of loser/poser/asshole waits in line every six months for the release of yet another under planned, over hyped, over priced chinese slave labor product? The ipad one is a POS, and I am convinced to keep with PC. Steve Jobs…enjoy your time in hell you poser hack.

  55. Anonymous

    This is great stuff

  56. Anonymous

    This guy really was an asshole!

    So many people who were close to him have nothing flattering to say at all. Cheap, miserly, miserable to be around, insulting, demanding, demeaning, sadistic, a deadbeat dad, a shitty boyfriend, power hungry, the list goes on and on.

    He denied having a daughter for years, even after a positive paternity test. He fucked over his former best friend, Apple employee number 12 Daniel Kottke, granting him zero stock options. The deeper you dig, the more you feel disgusted by this pathetic human being.

    Yet all the fanboys and girls see is his innovation. I think it’s pretty fucking sad that what you produce in this society means more than who you are as a human being. You can be the worst person around, but if you make something people like… Well, okay then. All is forgiven. Or rather, ignored, swept under the rug, etc..

    Oh, and I never did buy any of his shitty products. I preferred Microsoft. Say what you like about Bill Gates, at least Gates is giving his billions to charity. Jobs didn’t give much to anyone. Where did all his billions go posthumously? Might I suggest he had his company stock changed into physical shares and was buried with them.

    As an aside, my GF has an Apple laptop. The screen is not working. Try getting through to customer service. You’ll have to purchase a service ticket just to speak with someone! This is how Apple treats its customers? Yet they flocked to Jobs like sheep?

    Fuck Steve Jobs and fuck all the fanboys and fangirls out there. Just because you can conveniently listen to your shitty music on an iPod, you made this man a god? Why not hold people accountable for being assholes, regardless of their station in life?!

    It really is a sad commentary on society that because this asshole had money, power, and celebrity, he got away with so much. He constantly abused the “little people” around him. He was an absolutely despotic person, a tyrant in business and life, yet the memorials flowed like wine.

    Credit to the author of this article for having the guts to speak the truth! I wish there were more people out there like you. Further, I wish we didn’t live in a culture which values money, power and celebrity above all else. We really do have some fucked up values in this country (America). Not that most other countries around the world aren’t as bad. It’s a global problem… not a problem of borders.

    This sort of idolatry is just pathetic. That Steve Jobs lived his life experiencing so few consequences for his behavior is appalling.

    What happened to Lance Armstrong should have happened to Steve Jobs. Lance was also a tyrant and he ruined the lives of many people who sought only to tell the truth. Now, Armstrong’s name is mud. Stripped of his titles… taken to task. This should have happened to Jobs. He was removed from Apple once, but it wasn’t enough. He should have been taken to task for being such a lousy human being. Not be worshipped by millions of adoring, and apparently ignorant, fans.

    Rant over.

    Web master’s Note: The person who wrote this comment, months later, decided he changed his mind and has repeatedly sent me annoying emails asking it to be removed. I don’t know why, maybe he got a job at the Apple mega-corporation and the money has made him change his tune. Maybe he is insane, I don’t know. I actually liked the comment, thought it was accurate and well-written and wanted it to remain so I just removed his name and email address from the comment. I had made the comment anonymous, it no longer bears anyone’s name but yet he still emails me over and over. I had considered the case closed. Since there was nothing linking the comment to you, you should have gotten over the fact that it was here and stopped emailing me. In any case, once something is on the Internet, it is out there forever. Even if I were to delete the comment, it can easily be found again on Internet Archives that take snapshots of the Internet at various times. So you just generated a mini-Streisand Effect on yourself by bugging me.

    So kindly, stop emailing me. Sorry if I seem a bit unfriendly, but who the fuck posts a comment on a site and then months later bugs the owner of the site to remove the comment? What kind of insane shit is that?

    1. Anonymous

      First, the reason I respectfully asked that my comment dated 11/11/14 be removed is I listened to the eulogy by Larry Ellison and realized, even if Jobs came across as an asshole for many years, it sounded like he had experienced personal growth.

      I get that Ellison is himself a polarizing figure, but I happen to like the guy and take his words at face value.

      Second, the only reason I asked repeatedly is you never bothered to reply.

      Third, you talk about not displaying my name or email address like you’re doing me a favor. Your site clearly states that email addresses are never made public. You’re not doing me a favor. You’re intelligently avoiding lawsuits, were you to post such data after stating no such data would be posted.

      Fourth, I do not subscribe to the philosophy that just because you write something on the internet, it can never be removed. YOU have the ability to delete my comment, but choose not to. No one is pulling up old screenshots. Don’t blame the internet for something you choose not to do.

      Fifth, if you want to be a jerk, and not remove a comment which someone writes then respectfully asks you to remove, even getting rude/belligerent about it in your webmaster’s note, let this comment stand as a retraction.

      I get that your website is all about negative shit.

      Like many, I was feeling overwhelmed by the glowing media coverage after Jobs passed. It was all a bit much. They made the man out to be a god, which he certainly was not. But after hearing that eulogy, I’m thinking maybe he experienced some personal growth and shouldn’t be judged soley on his early actions.

      Here’s a thought. Maybe the world isn’t quite the shithole you think it is, and spreading negative content, even after someone respectfully asks you to remove his/her own words, makes you part of the problem.

      1. Diogenes of Sinope

        You could have just posted another comment explaining all this instead of repeatedly sending me bitchy, vaguely threatening, emails that contained no explanation at all. Why did I have to reply to you? Who the fuck are you? Am I obligated in some way so that I am forced to reply to the bullshit you emailed me? What is this about lawsuits now? What are you talking about? You really sicken me by trying to be litigious and trying to scare me into taking the comment down. The comments section is a record of things people have said about the article. I even approve comments that I disagree with or are negative towards me, and my point of view but I don’t delete comments once they are up.

        Furthermore, who cares if Steve Jobs’ rich friends liked him? I doubt he experienced any growth at all and even if he did, so what? Does that mean we should just forget all the awful things he did? Steve Jobs single-handedly did more to curtail freedoms in computing than any other person by using masses of idiots to make walled-gardens more prevalent in computing.

        Here’s a thought, you are a fucking whiny, wannabe-litigious, asshole and you should go kindly fuck yourself. YOU are part of the problem. What kind of person with no life bothers a webmaster who has a small, insignificant, site about a comment they made almost a year ago that doesn’t even have their name attached to it? What is wrong with you, sir? I am not a wealthy person, I barely have the money to run a small site that few people barely read and you passive-aggressively threaten me with fucking lawsuits, you piece of shit! Leave me alone, stop trying to censor my website, and don’t email me again.

        1. Anonymous

          1. Why would I post another comment, as you suggest, when I was politely asking you to remove a comment? The only reason I’ve posted these replies is because, if you’re going to be a jerk about it, the next best thing I can do is retract my comment.

          2. You don’t even know your own website. Under the section where folks you can input their email addresses it clearly states, “address never made public”. Copied and screen-printed.

          3. You make a good point about not forgetting the awful things Jobs did. That could have been accomplished without my input, which you could have deleted but chose not to. If your policy is never to remove comments, you could have explained that politely by replying to any of my emails, instead of ignoring them all, then calling me out like a little bitch on your website.

          4. I don’t know if you’re 14 or 40. Regardless, I can tell from your replies that you suck as an individual. Don’t whine about a dystopia when you come across as the biggest asshole in the room. Thrilled, and I mean truly thrilled, to not email you again.

          1. Diogenes of Sinope

            Great, thanks in advance for not emailing me again. Good bye, don’t let the metaphorical door hit you on your way out.

  57. Anonymous

    The worst thing about Jobs is that he’s left a pile of arrogant dimwits in the stores who think that they are “geniuses”.

    1. Anonymous


  58. Anonymous

    Is steve jobs chinese? coz they’re all selfish dogs.

  59. Anonymous

    I will gladly take a leak on his grave

  60. fanboy2

    Great article. Steve Jobs was a moron and created the most ignorant fanbase in the world, that’s about it. If there ever was a smartphone revolution, then Android is representing it.

  61. ryan

    Steve Jobs….rot in fucking hell you absolute scum sucking piece of filthy fucking shit.

  62. Shannon

    Kudos to you sir. I am so sick of people saying Steve Jobs “changed the world”. How? By putting a touchscreen on a cell phone? Please.

    Good riddance to him. If Apple disappeared tomorrow it wouldn’t change things that much.

  63. Anonymous

    Did you write this on your MacBook pro or your iPad? Reading this on your iPhone?

    1. Diogenes of Sinope

      Actually, no. I never buy Apple products because they are overpriced, designed to become obsolete very quickly, purposefully made more difficult to repair or upgrade on your own and the GUIs look like they were designed by Fisher-Price.

  64. Zack Kahn

    Amazing, I see the apple turds are out of the toilet. Bravo on an amazing piece of work !!!!!!!!

  65. Kevin McAvoy

    Fuck him, fuck apple, and fuck you cultist shitheads that think apple products are so fucking superior.
    I am sick to fucking death, you fucking fucks.

  66. Anonymous

    Kevin McAvoy, I have to say, I like your style

  67. kate

    um……… this just too intense

  68. Peter Ganz

    Steve Jobs was an elitist thinking P.O.S.. He stole ideas from others to repackage them in trendy products which only purpose it is to trick you into something.

    Steve Jobs was the opposite businessman to what Jack Tramiel was: computer for the
    masses and not for the classes..
    Jobs’ only goal was to make more profit, and to reach that goal, he didn’t care about any moral standard: manufacturing his ‘innovations’ in Asia by underpaid slaves, fare besides anything we would call environment protection standards. Every iProduct has a planned obsolescence build in, so that people ‘have to’ buy a new iShit every year. Apple throws their old products literally into the ocean: they have no recycling program whatsoever. Steve Jobs generated a kind of virtual technology which suggests innovation but it isn’t. The matter of fact is: Jobs build products with virtual technology to sh.it the people and to steal as much as personal information from his customers as possible. Jobs’ true innovation was it to ‘personalize’ products so that every iProduct becomes a kind of a spy device but every fanboy thinks, it makes his/her life better.
    Apple is paying almost taxes at all, instead they use the most innovative tricks, to make up the balance that way, that their nett income is almost zero.

    Steve Jobs was a gargantuan Asshole and reckless P.O.S. I’m very pleased that the stupid hype movie about him flopped so badly at the box office! Rot In Hell Steve.

  69. Diogenes of Sinope

  70. dass

    He was a real ass hole. Everything about him. I can’t stand the guy

  71. Anonymous

    Yes the truth will set you free.
    Visit Wales 2016

  72. Anonymous

    To call him an a**hole is too high of a compliment, I equate his persona and mentality to that of Hitler. Same philosophy if both are analyzed.

  73. Anonymous

    I saw a documentary on CNN last night and was amazed at what an asshole he was. The more I learned the angrier I got. Unbelievably self centered and mean spirited. Trying to avoid paying taxes and allowing the Chinese factories to treat their employees so horribly. No empathy at all, probably a sociopath like most corporate CEOs. I was ashamed to have an iPhone and vow this will me the last product Apple product I buy.

  74. Anonymous

    ..I think he was more of a cunt actually

  75. Steve Jobs Is A Loser

    Amen. Steve Jobs was a complete piece of shit.

  76. ChristianP

    Oldie but a goodie! Rot in hell, Steve.

  77. The maestro

    Oh look, another poor, untalented, bitter, decrepit prick lambasting a guy who made something of his life and achieved more than the author. Was he a nice guy? No, probably not. Does it matter? No, probably not. All of you on this thread will die of horrible, organ rotting diseases…and I will hope your pain is much more because of your shitty health insurance and poverty wages. The author and the failure-brigade that chimed in here offer society nothing, just contempt and bitterness for being born genetically inferior to those of us that captain the ship, and make the choices for you that you are not equipped to make. Now go get your shine box boy. OHHHHHH i dont like the IPAD, so I wish a painful death on the founder of Apple….lol, so cliche, so hackneyed, so repugnant. Fucking losers.

    1. Diogenes of Sinope

      Hey thanks for showing us what awful people Apple fans are. Have a great day!

  78. Oliver Rien (@OliverRien)

    i lov3 this fucking cancer so much loooool because he died of it i haven´t read this page put i love it. i found it while googling fucktard anal fisting each other and this was the second link on the page so fucking glad i found this bald loving community of fucktard freedom of speech place follow me on twitter an dm me @OliverRien
    peace be with u all

  79. Berhard

    What a sad bunch of people here…

    #1 – was he a genius? Yes, in business.

    Do you all benefit from business? Yes!!

    #2 – did he tell Obama to change the system, so he can employ Americans again?

    YES, if you fucking retards actually read his words!! The reason that 2 maniacs will be running for the US presidency is that Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama (with Hilary) fucked up the place!!

    #3 – Microsoft gives away?? Yes, mass sterilization in the third world, true!!

    Check his speeches and slips on immunization and the uncovering of sterilization hormones in Ghana.

    #4 – Gates stole, Jobs bought – that’s the beginning of the modern area of personal computing.

    #5 – if Microsoft and Gates agenda is so great, why is he taking control of our entire seeds of the planet under the umbrella of his Foundation?? And selling GMO seeds in Africa to ruin the planet.

    #6 – when he came back in 1997, he worked for $1 or so. A nominal fee. Not so greedy…

    #7 – when he came back to Apple in 1997 and he stopped all charity things, he saved thousands upon thousands of jobs because Apple was going bankrupt!!

    #8 – many the employees he was so hard on said that they had the most fulfilling times of their lives working for him. Why is that?

    You looser guys are doing lip service to some low life who is trashing somebody that fed thousands of families around the world!! Ever thought about that?

    Are Apple products more expensive? Not when you really compare the specs.

    But that requires brains, and you guys don’t have any of that. Keep smoking pot and feeling strong behind a keyboard. Pulling somebody who has done amazing things down.

    Did he invent? Partly because he pushed people to higher standards. Even your shitty Sony PC’s and Dell try to look like Apple today.

    Everybody tries to emulate them because they have what consumers want. Aesthetics and ease of use. Fuck Microsoft.

    Why is 90% of the world on MS? Because Billy Gates’ mom sat on the board of IBM at the time he stole Windows from Apple (who bought the UI!!) and then licensed it out.

    Is a closed system socialism?

    In the hands of the wrong people – yes!

    Is an open system better for your privacy. Not in the hands of Bill Gates!!

    Check, if there was an NSA guy in MS since 1984. Because they license MS around the world they track everything you do since day 1. MS is always calling home. Even on Skype they are listening.

    I surely prefer my info in the hands of Apple, rather than MS and Google. They make money with big data. Apple with hardware sales!!

    Big data = big business!!

    And for greed – the guy lived in the same house all his family life. He died in a house that Bill Gates asked “you ALL live here”… The backdoor open and unlocked.

    The Gates fucktard has to build a modern castle with everything automatic to show off…

    DO your research properly before you pull people down!!

    (Of course, now comes the “thanks for showing how awful Apple fans are” when only YOU focus on the products!)

    Others focus on the WHOLE picture of a person and the impact on society and other lives. Providing work, food, and education for tens of thousands of people around the world is a GOOD thing. Ask the kids of the people that need the jobs.

    That people don’t know how to use the technology and let technology use them, is not Jobs’ fault. That’s the lazy mind of people that are addicted to the short boost of hormones for achieving nothingness.

    Want to blame somebody to provide a platform for dumbness and mindlessness – start with Gates’ buddy Zuckerberg! His shit is fucking up the world, not hardware devices.

    Why don’t you blame IBM for that? They started it all…

    1. Diogenes of Sinope

      Why do you think hating on Steve Jobs equates to loving, and “paying lip service” to Bill Gates? It isn’t even possible in your mind that both of them suck, is it? It is either one or the other in your mind? They both suck and were/are awful people. The manner in which you write shows that you are, in fact, the idiot. I don’t use MS or Google, I use Linux. The reason I devoted a whole article to how Steve Jobs sucks is because people ignored all the bad things about him, something it appears that you do as well.

      #1 – Was he a genius? No, Steven Hawking is a genius. Albert Einstein was a genius. Steve Jobs was a master manipulator, I’ll give him that, but the popularity of something doesn’t make it good. Slavery was also a popular enterprise once, but only a piece of shit would think it was a good idea these days. One day, if humanity survives long enough, people will realize that Steve Jobs was a scum bag piece of shit.

      Do you all benefit from business? No, I didn’t benefit from Steve Job’s business ever.

      #2 – Did he tell Obama to change the system, so he can employ Americans again? Your response was so wrong, I don’t even have time to mock and ridicule it.

      #3 – Microsoft gives away?? I never said anything positive about Microsoft, you just assume I would.

      #4 – Gates stole, Jobs bought – Both Gates and Jobs are examples of piece of shit human beings.

      #5 – Microsoft and Gates agenda isn’t great and I never said it was.

      #6 – Getting paid a $1 by the company one owns doesn’t mean that someone is not greedy. The stocks were worth more than a $1.

      #7 – He didn’t stop the charity giving to save jobs, and Apple was going bankrupt for other reasons.

      #8 – Maybe many of the employees he was so hard on that said that they had the most fulfilling times of their lives working for him were just idiots. Members of a cult often extol its imaginary virtues. Apple fanatics function in the same way.

      #9 – You are an Apple fanatic asshole, go eat a bag of dicks. Maybe you should put that glass of the Apple Kool-Aid down.

      1. Berhard

        wow, you are one sad and angry person. I guess that’s why you have to tear down others.

        But you give your attitude and intention away in point #2 of your response “I don’t even have time to mock or ridicule”. That’s your real intention. To mock and ridicule to make yourself feel and look better on the expense of others.

        Maybe that’s what triggers you – YOU have the streak of using others for your benefit that you so critizise…

        First and foremost, my response was directed at ALL the people commenting, not your egocentric self… that’s where the Microsoft comparison comes from.

        But you are too self-absorbed to read plurals directed at the group as a whole, not just your measly little self.

        Again, perhaps he triggers you so much because you see your own self-absorbed, egocentric self in him that you don’t like. Quite likely actually!

        #1 – you have a very narrow definition of a genius…

        From the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of genius:

        a) Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability: => you said yourself “master manipulator”… that’s an exceptional ability, whether you like it or not!

        b) An exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity: => same as above! You just don’t like the area he was a master in.

        c) A person regarded as exerting a powerful influence over another for good or evil: => there you go, it includes good and evil according to language definition!

        #2 – your response shows one thing: pure ignorance, and your head way too much in the mass media!!

        Dodging an argument you have nothing to say about always makes you look like a fool!

        Like your whole style of communication – like a little angry boy!

        #3 – read other comment to understand the communication to the group as a whole. The world (and your website here) includes more than just the little you!!

        #4 – that’s your opinion, and I accept your opinion. If you feel that both are the same, that’s your choice.

        But again, it was a response to other comments that stated he stole. He didn’t. He bought the original graphical UI and mouse technology from Xerox and improved it.

        Then he brought it to the mass market. And THAT’S where you benefit from his life personally because I bet you are using a mouse and a graphical user interface!!

        Most people agree that XEROX would not have been able to bring it to the market. And Steve Jobs did have a genius ability to do just that!

        Again, you just don’t like it/him, but that doesn’t take away from what he did and also impacted YOUR small little life!

        Because whatever you think of him; navigating your porn sites is easier with a mouse than keyboard commands… see, a benefit for YOU 😉

        #5 – again, others here did!

        #6 – he got the stock options after 2000. Before that he sold all his stocks! Read up before judging!!

        He sold all his stocks but one in 1985.

        When he came back, he didn’t need stocks or money because he was very successful!!

        Get better informed before judging too hard!

        #7 – sure Apple was going bankrupt for other reasons, but he had to keep EVERY penny inside to survive! All you show here is that you never had anything to do with business!!

        Charity was not the reason for their financial problems! But they didn’t have enough money to survive, so what should they give away?

        Let’s say you make $5000 per month (you probably make less, which is why you live with your parents…). You have $2000 savings.

        Your expenses outside mommy and daddy’s house is $5,500 per month. Plus you give $100 to charity. You are a great human being (as you keep showing here), and keep giving to charity, even though you lost your 3rd job because Obama fucked up America, and your are missing $500 cashflow per month.

        After 3 months, are you still paying charity?? – Exactly, you CAN’T!

        Get the point? It’s maths. The subject I’d say you actually were good in, so it’s ignorance not trying to understand that!!

        And being a little angry kid in mom’s basement that never had a job or thought about business for a single day in his life… or both!

        #8 – the cult is the user base, not the employees!!

        He understood not just sales psychology, but human psychology! He knew what motivated people and what FULFILLS people.

        One day, when you stop porn and start working in a real job, you’ll understand that there is something beyond money that brings fulfillment in a job. He knew and understood that.

        THAT’S why people felt they did something amazing. That’s how he pushed people to perform at exceptional levels.

        In in 1 company, but in 3!!

        #9 – you see, you ignore a lot of data! You resort to cheap arguments and insults, when you have nothing left to say!

        I told you it was coming, and there is was!

        You say you don’t benefit from his life, I showed you already that you do. But here is your greatest benefit you get from his life:

        You know PIXAR – because of their technologies you can see and enjoy 3D porn today 😉

        You have to look at the whole picture, my friend!!

        1. Diogenes of Sinope

          Listen Mr. Troll, I don’t have the streak of using others for my benefit, I was merely responding to your behavior in your first post where you call everyone a retard just because they disagree with you. Am I sad and angry? Sure, and I am not ashamed of it. Go fuck yourself for trying to shame me for having different emotions from you! Sad and angry people of the world, you have lots of reasons to be sad and angry, at least you are awake while the happy pod people pollute and fist-fuck the Earth to death.

          Being sad and angry means one just sees the cesspool of humanity for what it is, without the rose-tinted glasses that an asshole like you might metaphorically wear. Furthermore, I am not going to engage in an endless argument with you about whether Steve Jobs was a piece of shit and a terrible human being. I think he was, lots of these other posters also agree with me and there is ample evidence that he was basically an amoral person who cared nothing for anyone. I don’t really care for Pixar, 3D porn and the rest of that nonsense you mentioned. I don’t care if all the world loves Steve Jobs because the media told them to and they can’t dare question what everyone else says. So I will not engage with you in any further banter about this because honestly, there is no point, we will never agree on this, I don’t give a shit and I have other things to do, a day job and all that, and basically, just go fuck yourself.

          Steve Jobs made me sick, I hated his products, I hated the way he behaved, I hated what he represents. What do you think will happen? You’ll write your bullshit spiel here and I am going to suddenly love the guy? There is nothing about him to love in my opinion. If hell exists I hope he is there getting what he deserves for helping turn people into even bigger pieces of shit than they already were. Steve Job sucked and will always suck, fuck him and fuck you for worshiping Steve Jobs. Why do you even worship someone who wouldn’t give a shit about you even if he ever knew you existed? Because he owned a company that built an overpriced gadget for you? You don’t think it is overpriced? Well, I do. I really dislike people like you, for every piece of shit archon, king, ruler, CEO, dictator and all around general scumbag in history there were thousands, if not millions, of sniveling, groveling assholes like you ready to kiss their feet and do their bidding to make the hell on Earth those people created possible.

          Do I have grammatical errors in my reply? Quick! Look for them. Try to shame me. I don’t give a fuck. You want to reply and say I didn’t follow up in the argument? Go ahead, I don’t give a shit. Fart in the wind and yet again, go fuck yourself. Living in a world with people like you is what made me sad and angry, so do your worst, shame me! Try to shame me, that’s what everyone is all about these days anyway. Shaming each other until we are all dead. I don’t give a shit. Go fuck yourself, eat a bag of dicks and all that.

          Lick Lick Lick My Balls

        2. nlcatter

          obama was 2 term without changing a thing! – jobs was an idiot on that and my iphone 5 is a piece of shit, switched to samsung

    2. nlcatter

      packed full of lies is your posting

  80. nlcatter

    I knew many engineers as talented but had a family to support — daughters iphone 5 batter doesnt even keep a charge , such shit products
    the WOZ is not a businessman but not a asshole either

  81. kambambe

    fuck steve jobs apple sucks. imove has escaped from the deepest hell because even the devil is running away

  82. kabambe

    baaaaaaaaad boy steve. your grounded for 50 years,no apple products in that period of time and i think thats a blessing

  83. aj

    I love it that this article is still receiving comments 5 years on… So Entertaining, thought provoking and Relevant – – Bravo to All.

  84. AJ

    I recently saw the Steve Jobs documentary movie and I completely agree with all of you. Steve Jobs was a heartless, greedy, arrogant, narcissistic devil for the following reasons: He claimed Lisa was Not his daughter, DNA test proved otherwise and although he was a multimillionaire, he initially paid only $500 per month in child support. Initially he ripped off Steve Wasnick. He continued to exploit the Chinese people working for him in China by paying them horrific low wages, causing many to commit suicide in China and causing them to live in deplorable conditions. Apple hides millions and millions of money in Ireland to avoid paying taxes. I cannot understand why the computer ID Thief genius gangs hack and steal money from the vulnerable when these sophisticated gangs should “steal back” this money from corporations who don’t pay their taxes….Robin Hood!

  85. Earl Ellis

    Fantastic thread! People who embrace Apple are like people who eat apple strudel, instead of a simple apple. The strudel feeds their ego. Narcissists all. Steve Jobs was a horrible role model for CEOs looking to justify their own heartless practices. Ef-off, Mr. Jobs, glad you are gone.

  86. Anonymous


    Everyone is writing something about something.

    Does anyone knows the solution? Because there is not only steve jobs in this world, there are millions of them in different face shield and different fashion

  87. Feynman-Schwinger

    Fuck Steve Jobs and fuck you if you like him. Brilliant article, absolutely accurate.

    Steve Jobs was NOT genius. Einstein was a genius. Newton was a genius, Ramanajun was a genius, Shakespeare was a genius. Turing was a genius. Jobs? A glorified salesman (think Wolf of Wall Street but with acid instead of loubs).

    He denied he had a daughter (even though he knew he did)…He did SO many fucked up things that I’ve given up. Bill Gates is a prick too but at least he’s trying to redeem himself through philanthropy

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