Feb 21 2012

The Feeling Of Living In A Dystopia

Greetings dear readers, I apologize that I haven’t written in a while. The reason is that often, after a day of dealing with my depressing and lonely life, I am afflicted with despair and hopelessness and can’t find the strength of will to write my thoughts down. I also often feel that it is pointless to write because there are so few people who read this blog, and fewer yet who care. For those of you who exist and do care, some nice comments of support would be much appreciated.

Now I am sure, some of you are thinking that I should take a small white pill that will numb my emotions and remove my sadness. I tell you that those anti-depressants and anxiolytics are not good, and if you take them I suggest that you take appropriate actions to stop. Just because the global system of the dystopia is unjust and disgusting doesn’t mean we should numb our human emotions. Even when people take those “medicines”, the problems around them remain. Instead of numbing our souls we must deal with personal and global problems with our hearts and our minds and not with pharmaceuticals.

Indeed how can one not be sad in this kind of world? The bulk of humanity is woefully ignorant and uneducated. Slack-jawed humans, rendered as soulless as automatons by an inadequate education system support the elites in ignorance. Often through no fault of their own. The educational systems of the world which should be teaching new generations wisdom and knowledge instead teach only obedience to the children of the poor. In separate institutions, made expensive and hard to enter, these same systems teach the offspring of the elite how to continue their parents’ abominable tradition of dominance over others. Voices that cut to the heart of the matter and advocate real change are woefully lacking in the public limelight. Meanwhile, the suit, a symbol of the global corporatist system, adorns the collaborators of the rich as they calmly and bureaucratically assist their masters in the destruction of human freedom, dignity and prosperity for the masses.

In the United States, corporations and billionaires, through Super PACs, pay ludicrous amounts of currency to idiot politician demagogues who only spout lies and practice scaremongering. Super PACs, technically known as independent expenditure-only committees may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates, effectively buying the elections with the help of the media companies. Therefore there is no hope of political change occurring from the entrenched oligarchical power structure. The markets have effectively hollowed out elections turning them into pointless popularity contests with no hope of changing the status quo.

Furthermore, President Obama, a man who came to power with empty promises of  hope, social and economic justice, does more every day to take away rights from Americans than his equally disgusting predecessor. An example is Obama signs into law the NDAA, which in Section 1021 allows for the indefinite detention without trial of any human being on the planet. Talk of human rights by the elites are usually a sham, human rights are only mentioned when the elites of a country want to verbally punish another country that doesn’t obey their wishes.

In the UK, the police equates file-sharers, people who harm no one and want to enjoy some culture without paying from their meagre funds, with terrorists. Listening to music for free in our world nets you more jail time than sex offenders. Meanwhile corporations destroy forests, oceans, destroy billions of lives and are never punished but instead praised.

We live under constant surveillance and fear of the dictatorial systems. Mark my words, the day will soon come when people are taken from their homes and put into camps just for disagreeing with the government. Who will stop them? Some people holding signs and chanting “Shame on you” to police will stop them?

Indeed how can I smile in such a world? In Somalia, whole classrooms of young children and kidnapped and forced to fight in wars for Islamists against equally disgusting enemies. There are no good sides anymore, it seems and almost every country has political prisoners where people are tormented and abused just because of their beliefs.

In my homeland, Greece, a European country, democracy has been taken away at the behest of the global markets and the wealthy. The people are being subjected to austerity measures designed to impoverish them because rich people want it to be that way. Now, eurozone “experts” will permanently monitor Greece’s economic management and a constitutional change will give priority to debt repayments over the funding of government services such as health care and social security, even though an exit from the Euro for Greece would start the country on the path towards improvement. However, because the rich people would lose out it isn’t even discussed. Horror stories are told of what an exit would mean. But it is bullshit, what does the average penniless Greek care if the national currency is Euros or drachmas? It makes no difference to the poor. A weak currency would also boost tourism once again, once the largest source of income for the country. Of course no solution would be painless, but it would be a much better outcome than the current situation, lose of sovereignty to corrupt EU officials and the troika. A whole nation is oppressed by the northern Europeans who are increasingly being viewed as monsters by ordinary beleaguered Greeks. The northern Europeans are simply continuing their disgusting tradition of colonialism and oppression, their pray was once the poor nations of Africa and Asia but now they are beginning to consolidate their hold in Europe, starting with Greece but eventually Portugal, Spain and Ireland will also experience increasing horrors and finally even their own citizens will be subjected to the same policies. The people are resisting but I fear that the forces of inequality, cruelty and oppression will prevail once more.

Meanwhile, while I and millions of others struggle, NGOs are mostly laughably ridiculous scams for poor people to fund rich kids field trips and elaborate parties and “symposiums”. Vast wealth exists but it is wasted on this and other trivialities for the wealthy.

How can I not feel despair and hopelessness? What can I do? I am but a lonely, poor and oppressed nobody working a dead-end job with no future in a world that increasingly seems like shit. Truly I would never commit suicide, for life is precious and to exist is better than not to exist, but if I were to die soon I doubt I’d be too sad. The rich “people” took everything from me, my hopes, my dreams and my future.

I am sick of most of us suffering so that they, the insanely few, can enjoy ridiculous amounts of opulence and comfort. How can we support a system where a few hundred people have more wealth heaped up than the bottom half of humanity, over 2.5 billion people combined?

But what does it matter what I say? The rich will always pull some bullshit argument out of their asses and a stupid public won’t know their self-interest enough to tell them “No, enough!”. I am nobody, I don’t have some expensive degree to adorn my wall. I don’t have the wealth and contacts to be someone. Instead I will be stepped on like millions of others. I am not sad that they are stepping on us, they are asshole rich people and that is what most rich people do, I am sad that everyone around me is too stupid or numb to care.

Most of all, I just wish I could escape and hide somewhere, because I am scared and lonely and I don’t want to be hurt any more. However, I don’t have the resources to do that and so I will continue to suffer, like billions of my human brothers and sisters.

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  1. tzeni

    Thanx for your thought-provoking article! Sharing emotions and knowledge is extremely important in a world that wants us isolated…However, the feeling of loneliness and despair is a generous gift to the power and the hegemonic forces that surround us. We all fight in our everyday life -more or less- and I think, since you are doing an overall criticism, you should not forget the other side, the human solidarity around the world and the social movements. Unfortunately, they made us believe that a temporary material possession brings happiness and that the power’s interests are the common good. Keep going!

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